Friday, July 10, 2009

Time is Flying By!

Hi All,

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in quite some time...I hadn't realized it's been so long. Time just flies by over here at my foster home.

I don't have much to news to report. One thing that is new is that I've been going to the groomer and getting my nails cut and I am not a happy camper at all when we go! I give him such a hard time because I'm so scared, I think I may be the worst client Gerard has. We always end on a positive note and he's trying to desensitize me, but I just won't give in no matter how nice he is or hard he tries. But my foster Mom says I'm not getting out of it, that I have to go and in time I will learn it's not bad.

My foster parents went to a wedding 2 weekends ago and hired a pet sitter to come and let all the dogs out. Well, I don't care how happy the rest of the dogs were to see Fred, I was having no part of him in any way! He tried coaxing me with treats, sitting on the floor calling me, you name it, he tried it. Apparently, he didn't know just how stubborn I am and I wouldn't go! My foster Mom warned him this was going to happen. On a good note, I was home for a long time and had no accidents. I figured since I wouldn't cooperate, not having an accident was the least I can do for my foster parents. He said he's going to start coming over more regularly to try and help me get over my fear of people. I don't think I like that idea, but we'll see how it goes.

I LOVE the car, I've been going lots of places lately around town and I just curl up and enjoy the ride. I heard that I may go to the dog park this week coming up, but we'll see how that goes. I don't think I'm going to be too comfortable with that, but I'm willing to give it a try. The other dogs tell me it's a lot of fun and I'll be able to run around off my leash, because it's all fenced in.

My foster Mom has worked with me a little on the hidden fence and I'm pretty good when there's no action in the yard. I just hang around and don't do much of anything. But when I see something, I have NO control...I bark, pull and try to chase it as hard as I can. It doesn't matter if it's a chipmunk or the big buck that lives in the woods, I'm all over them as soon as I see anything. My foster Mom doesn't know that I will ever truly be reliable on the hidden fence., but it's too early to tell. She doesn't want to "over do" it, so we've been taking baby-steps.

My foster Mom spends lots of time with me and working with me and she knows I will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family that wants someone like me. I'm just really scared and need a long time to learn to trust people, but each day I make a little progress. Given where I came from, I don't think that's unexpected.

So, I'll try and think of some more news and get back soon!

Jersey Girl

Monday, May 25, 2009

All About Me

So, I learned to sit this week in only 2 days time! I sure am smart (there I go bragging again)....

I've been going on 4 mile walks every morning with my foster Mom and I sure am doing better. I'm not as scared as the cars so much anymore, but I still freeze when I see people walking. I can't help myself, though. I'm still unsure what they are going to do, so I just won't move. My foster Mom gives me a little tug and makes me keep going, and although I don't want to, I know she wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction, so I go along with it.

On Saturday my foster Mom left us home alone and my foster Aunt & Uncle came to let me out and did I give them a hard time! I was scared, even though I know them and see them every week, I hid from them and then I cried and cried when they tried to put my leash on me. They had to literally chase me down to catch me because I was being so fresh! Once they got me on the leash, I did go outside and was a little better, but not on my best behavior, I must admit. They tried to eat their lunch and once I saw food, I was the best niece ever! So, I sat there waiting for them to share and they did, but once they stopped feeding me, I didn't want to have anything to do with them.

Bonnie & I went for a hike with 3 GSP boys on Sunday and we had a blast. I climbed up and down all the rocks, and went in the river! I hope someday I can be off-leash like the other dogs, so I can run free like they do. My foster Mom says I'm still too unsure of myself and don't listen well enough for that. I am learning though, as she's been working with me in the yard for a little bit everyday on my recall. I totally get it, and I'm pretty good at listening when I'm on the long leash, but when there is stuff to chase, I don't hear a word she says. All I hear is "blah, blah, blah". I don't know what she expects from a hunting dog that now has a nice yard with lots of critters! Those squirrels, turkey and deer are meant for chasing! The other dogs tell me that I really should try and listen because once I learn the boundaries and the hidden fence, I can have free run of the yard like they do. I'd like that, but I don't know if I can do it. I'll guess I'll just have to work on some self-control. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just A Few Things

I don't mean to brag, but I want everyone to know that my foster Mom got a new car a few months ago, and I'm the only dog that is allowed to ride in it, because I ride so well in the car! Her own dogs aren't even allowed in there! I make sure I point that out to them whenever I can...ha ha. I sit quietly on the front passenger seat, or sometimes in the back, but I don't make a peep. When she gets out of the car, I just sit up and watch to see where she's going. I will admit, sometimes I jump in the drivers seat, but when she comes back I move right over to my side.

And, I learned something new this week and that is that wrestling with the other dogs is fun! I decided to have a wrestling match with some toys and Bonnie, she's the nicest foster sister I have. The little dogs are too small to play with and Abby is too much of a bully. I was spinning in circles on the bed, and then Bonnie would climb on top of me, I would flip her over and steal my toy back, but it was fun. I only tried it once, but for a shy girl like me, that's a milestone!

We also had a BBQ here this past weekend and there were 5 people that came over to visit. I also got to hang out Peggy, she's another foster GSP that is living with my Aunt. I was only a little scared of everyone this time, and that was mostly inside the house. I did walk right over to my foster Aunt Tammy and sniffed her with no hesitation, and my foster Mom was very proud of me. When everyone was outside, I was a lot more relaxed. There were 6 dogs and 7 people, so there was a lot of action, moving around, etc. but I didn't get too nervous at all. Mostly because I was concentrating on how to get the food off the grill, but hey, it's progress!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Checking In....

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I haven't had much to report.

Everything is going well at my foster home. I'm doing a little bit better with my "scaredy cat" ways, especially with my foster Mom and Aunt. I'm still scared of kids, even though they come over every week, I don't know if that's something I will ever get over, honestly. I'm a little more scared of men, as they are a bit louder and bigger than I prefer when walking towards me and talking, and my old Dad wasn't very nice to me, but my foster Dad is working on that with me and I really like the treats he has, so I'm getting a little closer each day to not being scared.

I've been getting along just fine with all the dogs over here, and I've met some new dogs in my recent travels and have like all of them. I went and had my nails clipped at the groomer the other day with the other 2 pointers, and it was a tragedy! I got so scared that I went to the bathroom on myself and then I had to get a bath. I don't think we'll be trying that again soon, although maybe we should so I know it's not a bad thing. We'll have to see about that, but I definitely showed my foster Mom that I've got a ways to go before we can just go out in public and do stuff like that!

I have been wearing this annoying collar that beeps when I get to close to certain areas in the yard and I'm scared of the noise, but my foster Mom tells me that is getting me used to the boundaries in the yard with it, so that I can run free and chase things hopefully. The other dogs told me that the beep means STOP in no uncertain terms, that I don't want to know what comes next, so I've been doing really well with that. I'm glad they are here to help me with all this stuff. I'm not used to anything other than running free and fending for myself. At this house, the people and the other dogs all look out for you. It's really nice to be part of a family.

I haven't had to go in my crate at all, as I've been a perfect angel when left out and just sleep with the other dogs. If my foster Mom leaves me home with foster Dad, I do cry for about 5 minutes or so, but I know she'll be back, so I eventually settle down. When I'm without the foster dogs though and left home, boy, do I make a ruckus! I cry a lot longer than 10 minutes and pace around, but call it quits after a while. I don't go destroying anything or being bad, I just go lay down and wait. What can I say, I enjoy some company...that doesn't make me a bad girl.

I'm still somewhat aloof with humans, but am I silly lately with the toys with the other dogs. I've got a routine down and I know when I can and cannot play. Every morning after I eat, my foster Mom opens up the "gates to Heaven"...which is really just a spare bedroom, but it's FILLED with dog toys...oh, we go crazy! I run up and down the hall, tossing them all over for about 1/2 hour, then I go and pass out somewhere because I've had my fun. I've got a new thing I do, which is pouncing towards the little dogs trying to get them to play with me. They think I'm a bully and hide under the desk or table, but when I turn my back on them, they coming charging out. So, I think there's hope for me that at some point, I will learn how to interact with them during play time. I watch them do it, but I just shy away because I haven't realized how fun it is just yet. I also steal the toys right out of my foster sisters mouth...but she lets me. She was the original foster dog here and came from a bad situation herself, so she knows what I went through and she lets me bully her. Now, the big spoiled one that lives here...well, she's not even allowed to play with us because I heard she can be quite mean when it comes to her toys!

Other than that, things are going well....I've just got to keep moving forward and learning that people are good and that I can trust them. It may sound like I haven't made much progress, but if you look back to my first blog, you can see, I truly have come a long way already!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Day at the Jersey Shore!

Well, today was a big day for me....I went to the beach! My foster Mom took me to visit some new GSP friends, too.

I went to this place called the beach at the Jersey Shore today...I didn't mind the sand at all, or getting my feet a little wet in the sand, but those waves are scary! I didn't know what to do, they were coming at me, so I kept backing up, but they kept coming.....

I met 2 GSPs today, and the first boy, Belmont didn't really like me, but his Mom said it takes him a long time to warm up to new friends, so I hung out with him for a while to try to get him to see how cute I was. I went in his house and played with his toys while he was staring at me from the deck..ha ha! I was definitely scared of him, but once we got to the beach, he was a lot better and we walked side by side with each other like a nice couple. I also met a new boy named Hunter. He is the same age as me, but he has way more energy than I do...he plays with a tennis ball for hours. I was very comfortable with him, and at his house I was not really nervous at all. I really liked it there, especially because they have this thing called a "fenced in yard" which was full of nice plants, grass and trees....I learned that when you have one of those, you don't need that leash! It's nice because you can go where you want, sniff what you want.

I also went to lunch with my foster Mom and 2 other GSP volunteers, Cate & Sue. They fed me sweet potatoe fries and I had a cheeseburger as well, but it's all good because I need to gain just a few more pounds. I sat outside nicely with them at the restaurant while they ate and cautiously watched the people go by. I was nervous of both of them, and our waitress at first, but after the piece of cheese she gave me and the fries, I was in love with everyone. Until the food ran out....then I had to go back and hide on them.

Over the past week, I went to the park and it wasn't as bad as I thought. There were lots of people there and other dogs. I was pretty scared, but I marched on like a trooper and did the whole mile....I mean, yeah, it may have taken an hour, but I still went all the way around! I snuck up on a big swan in the grass and it hissed and came at me, and I backtracked out of there as fast as I could, I almost ran my foster Mom right over. I was approached by a big doberman, and I growled and snuck away. I met a very nice lady, though, and she came down to my level and sat and waited for me, so I let her pet me, since it was on my terms. When the next person came at me, I must admit, I ran behind my foster Mom.

But, I've been making great progress at becoming more independent. I no longer whine and cry when I'm outside on the long lead, I do my own thing and I don't really care where my foster Mom is. In the house, I've become pretty brave...I even go in other rooms now all by myself and
look for things to play with. I love socks and sneakers!

I've also been better in the crate. I will admit I haven't been on my best behaviour in there, but it's better than it was. I stopped rubbing my nose and howling, but now I have this new thing where I slobber all over my self. By the time my foster Mom gets home, I look like I went in a swimming pool...pretty gross for such a nice little lady like me, but hey, I love to be around my people, I can't help it! I'm also a very good girl in the car. My foster Mom got a new car recently and none of her dogs are allowed in there...except for moi! That's because I'm such a nice little girl, I just curl up in the front (or even the back) and nighty-night I go!

I've been getting along great with the other dogs in the house and I follow what they do a lot, so it's helping me learn a lot about what my life is supposed to be like, and how I'm supposed to act.

I've gained another few pounds and I'm really starting to look stunning they tell me! You'll see my pictures and you can judge for yourself.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Start of Week 3 for Me

I had a sleepover party this weekend because my foster parents went away, so my foster Aunt & Uncle watched me.

When they came to pick me up, I was so scared because they aren't the foster parents I'm used to seeing, even though I've met them lots of times before. I hid in the back of my crate and whined hoping that someone would realize I was being dognapped! Then I made a break for it, ducked past them and hid under the car in the garage, so they had to crawl under and get me! Once they got me on the leash, I didn't have a choice and realized I had to go with them. Once they gave me a few snacks and put me in the car, I was okay. I was very good at their house, I met their 2 GSP boys out on the lawn, and growled at them to show them who was boss, but really had a nice weekend with them. I even slept on the dog bed with Frasier all night!

They were doing yard work and left the door open, so the 3 of us were just going in and out and up and down the stairs, exploring the fenced in yard. It was much different than being on a leash. I emptied all their toys out, and played a little with them. I went for a long hike on Saturday, but didn't see anything exciting out in the woods.

I gained 4 lbs so far since I've been here, and yesterday I went to visit the foster Grandparents, and she fed me all sorts of goodies, so I'll probably gain more just from all those yummy snacks she gave me. She has 2 English Pointers at her house, and I liked both of them, I did my usual growl, but we were all okay. I met their cat and didn't bother him, but he froze when he saw me. My foster Mom is sure if he tried to move that I would've given chase. I've been very interested in the small animals in the yard and really try my hardest to get at them lately!

I recently started to come out of my shell a little and play with the little dogs at my house. They taught me to steal stuff out of the laundry and run up and down the hall with it, and that sure is fun!! I'm still scared of the big GSP girl though, she plays way to rough. I watch her bump all the other dogs with her nose, do "spinnies" around them, and that's way too much action for me, so I run away when she tries to play. But I'm making progress there.

My foster parents decided that unless I make a huge turnaround, I cannot go to a house with children, or very active house. I am still very scared of movements and noises and I'm not sure I'm ever going to get over that. I also still have huge trust issues with people, so my new family is going to have to be really patient with me, because I feel when I go to a new home, it's going to be like starting all over with new people, and I'm going to be really nervous for a while.

I am super-smart though and I do know my name. I've been listening pretty good and should be even better by the time I go to my forever home!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The last few days have been full of progress for me...a little each day! On Wednesday, I went to the vet, and I'm happy to report, other than looking like a bony runway model (I only weigh 41.6), I am 100% healthy! I got a microchip now so if I ever get lost, I can be reunited with my forever family and I got tick preventative and heartworm, too. They really sure do know how to take care of a girl around here!

I've been going in my crate better, and being a little less "vocal", but I'm just not ready to completely cooperate with those 2 things just yet. I got to sleep in the house all night on the couch Thursday with my foster Dad because he was sick, and I didn't get up at, it was SO comfy! My foster Mom said that was a little present for me for being so good at the vet.

I've really been trying hard to be nice to those other dogs that live here, and on Wednesday I started spending more time with them. First, I went for a walk with Bonnie, she's the really nice GSP that loves everyone, and we did fine. I followed her around through the bushes, streams, etc. and had a fun day. I really enjoy learning from her and watching what she does. Then my foster parents kept bringing the different dogs into the house, a little at a time so I could get used to them. I love the little boy miniature pinscher that lives here, but that little girl is crazy! She is 6 pounds of pure off-the-wall energy..she really makes me nervous! So I had to growl at her a bunch of times and the foster Mom agreed with me and yelled at her, too... But today was a huge day for me...I was in the house with all 4 of them all day! I will admit, I did snap at that little one a few times, and then the biggest GSP, Abby, snapped at me 2 times, but I think we have our pack order all set now, because ever since the big girl put me in my place, I haven't growled at anyone or had any problems all day! My foster parents said that being around the other dogs is good for me, because I'm learning to be a dog and be a little more independent. I'm actually sleeping on the couch with Bonnie, away from my foster Mom while she types this, if you can believe it!

I'm quickly picking up on lots of commands and my foster parents think I'm very smart, just a little stubborn, but all of us GSPs tend to be like that....heck, my foster Mom is pretty stubborn and she's half German, so she can't call the kettle black! I do recognize my name, and I do come about 80% of the time without a little tug on my leash. I've quickly learned "here", "up" and "down". I certainley haven't mastered them yet, but I do recognize what is being requested of me. I'm also learning "kennel" (which I really have no use for), "go bye-bye" (that's when I get to go outside), and "go pee pee" (when you do this one, you get a nice pet and you get to go back inside to that wonderful thing they call a couch!). So, that's a lot for one girl to pick-up, but I'm sure I'll have a good handle on it by the time I go to my forever home.

I am still quite scared of quick movements and loud noises. Also, if you try and come into the room and have a hat or a hood on, and I don't recognize you, forget it! I'm growling at you for sure...once you say my name, then I realize you're supposed to be here. And you cannot sneak up on me, I don't know how many times I have to try and teach my foster parents that. Sometimes they forget and they give me a heart attack! I definitely decided that I cannot be in a house with younger kids or small animals over the past few days. I just love chasing squirrels and cats way too much....I do think little dogs are fine, but they should be well-behaved and not too pushy...if they are, I may have a problem with that!

We had a bunch of guys here working over the past 2 days, and I was very scared, but I let them pet me, as long as I approached them. The minute they started heading for me, I went the other way because I was way too scared! I'm having some company come over tomorrow and see me, so I'll check back in sometime next week with another update!